Details of repair services.

Our technical staff are experienced in all types of vehicle repair, and can offer in depth diagnostics in the event of faults you are yet to pinpoint. We haven't listed all of our services on the site, so if you would like to discuss any other repairs, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Some of our other areas of expertise include Gearboxes, Welding, Head Gaskets, Engine Rebuilds, Steering Racks/Columns, Auto Electrics, Alarms/Security & Audio and more.


      Cam Belts


The cam belt & tensioner system is an often forgotten but vitally essential part of your vehicle's engine. If neglected, cam belt failure will result in catastrophic engine damage, with £1000+ repair bills not uncommon. The average interval is 40-80k or three years, so if you're unsure, call us & we'll happily check your specific vehicle requirements.




Without proper maintenance, worn suspension can result in increased tyre wear, and more importantly, unsafe handling & compromised braking capability/stability. Our suspension check should take as little as 20 minutes, so feel free to arrange yours now.


      Clutch Replacement


Osgoods offer high quality replacement clutches from leading manufacturers, including an unlimited mileage 2 year guarantee. Our clutches are fitted by experienced technicians, with work carried out to the highest standards.



If you ever have concerns about the state of your vehicle's braking system, Osgoods are happy to offer a FREE brake system check. Our trained repair technicians will check the condition of all braking components, making any recommendations for renewal of brake discs, pads, drums, shoes, pipes and other components.



Most car exhaust systems are made of mild steel, which gives them a certain life expectancy. Corrosion from both road moisture and engine exhaust vapour will eventually form holes, which can often cause symptoms such as increase exhaust noise & a boomy tone. Call us to arrange an inspection of your exhaust system.